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Low Cost Translations™ Ltd translates your documents in all language pairs within a language group and across language groups. We translate any document that comes our way, regardless of the field, the complexity of the subject matter, and the jargon.

Entrust us with your documents in the area of law, automotive, aeronautics, shipbuilding, pure and social sciences, tourism, video games, sport, politics, religion, agriculture, medicine, public health, diplomacy, biology, ecology, etc.

We vow to offer nothing short of faithful output both in terms of meaning and form.

Your satisfaction is a must. Our commitment to satisfy you is evident in:

  • our punctiliousness in the selection of translators from various backgrounds accepted in our database of freelancers. All our target language native-speaker translators have proven skills and a rich experience in all possible domains. When need be, when know where and how we can find consultants to ease the work of our translators. Our consultants are lawyers, doctors, engineers, linguists, tour guides, etc.; this helps us to ensure that the jargon we use in the translation are the most commonly used and understood by industry professionals.
  • quality control. We do not guess anything; we check everything. Not a word is delivered, which has not been double-checked. We entrust each translation to a reviewer who is necessarily a native speaker of the target language. Each of our reviewers has at least eight years of rich professional experience in translation in very specific fields.