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Founder and ideology


“I have always shared the foregoing exceptional inventors and manufacturers’ passion for outstanding quality, for excellence. I set up Low Cost Translations™ Ltd to shoot always for the highest attainable quality, to deliver always nothing short of EXCELLENT quality translations.”


You must have noticed that, in every industry or area of activity, there are brand names, product names, company names and even country names that collocate with quality. For instance, in the automobile, aerospace, cell phone, computer, software, clothing, medical instruments, pharmacy, furniture, office stationery, wind energy industries, just to name a few, there are players whose brand names you, as most people nationwide or worldwide, quasi-unanimously associate with quality, with excellence.

In my opinion, reputation for excellence is the result of relentless efforts by obsessively self-demanding people whose peculiarity lies in their unquenchable thirst for ways to ensure continual improvement of the quality of their products. Those are people who, beyond seeking to outshine all the other players in their specific industry by shifting the boundaries of quality, also yearn to taste the sweetness of perfection, savour the pride of a job well done, and  enjoy the serenity of one who is totally confident his product will be beautiful, efficient and safe beyond the expectations of users. Those are people who test their products beyond standards, who proudly offer long term satisfaction guarantees, who can confidently take their products to quality shows and quality valuation competitions, and whom I intend Low Cost Translations Ltd to emulate.

I found some perfect examples of the kinds of names and people discussed above in “Showdown of the Unbeatables”. This is a show on National Geographic Channel where “the very best American companies do battle  with their with their inventions”, safe in the idea that the clash

“If you break it during normal use, you get 1,000 dollars!”

will help confirm the alleged extraordinary qualities of their products.

In the episode Blender versus Sledgehammer, a contender who is so sure his sledgehammer is unbreakable that he offers USD 1000 to anyone who would break it during normal use,  battles it out with the maker of a blender that spins at 300 miles per hour and which is said to be one of the most powerful in the world. In other episodes, a) a super strength bomb-proof glass faces off against an extremely powerful waterjet, b) a vacuum truck capable of pulling 360 cubic feet per minute tackles a 22,000-pound electro-lift magnet, and c) a fire-proof fabric takes on a scorching hot military torch.   

“…tested beyond standards for exceptional reliability …and superior quality.”

I know other products which, like the above, have been designed and tested beyond standards for exceptional reliability, durability and superior quality. Three perfect cases in point are: a) a well-known brand of refrigerator the manufacturer of which claims it has passed worst case scenario tests and which is proudly sold with a 10-year guarantee; b) my surveillance network camera for which I had a 5-year (44,000-hour) guarantee but which has been working perfectly for 10 years now; c) bicycle security locks by this remarkable manufacturer who does not just test his security solutions with all the tools thieves can use on the street (including bolt cutters, hack saw, hammer, pry bars, grinders) but also tests them with a 15-ton hydraulic rock breaker, all in pursuit of ultimate security for his clients and personal satisfaction for having worthily advanced the locks-making technology.

Money-back guarantee by Low Cost TranslationsLtd

I have always shared the foregoing exceptional inventors and manufacturers’ passion for outstanding quality, for excellence. I set up Low Cost Translations Ltd to shoot always for the highest attainable quality, to deliver always nothing short of excellent quality translations.

“This is a company you should feel safe and invulnerable  trading with.”

This is a company you should feel safe and invulnerable trading with. It is a translation company with one of the strictest translation quality management processes in the industry. It is a company that works with professionals with a minimum of 10 years of rich   quality experience. It is a translation company that provides evidence the translations it delivers have been checked by at least 3 pairs of hard-to-please eyes. It is a company that is so sure of the quality of its output that it offers a money-back guarantee to its customers if they are able to find two (02) genuine critical errors of any kind (terminology, phraseology, meaning, grammar, style, etc.) in the first 2,000 words of a translated file or up to five (05) such errors in an entire translated file. This money-back guarantee is a satisfaction guarantee. It is a bold and unprecedented initiative in the global translation industry; it is aimed at ensuring that we relentlessly seek excellence and that our clients are safe and invulnerable indeed when they do business with us. We won’t be satisfied if our clients are not satisfied beyond their expectations