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General terms and conditions of sales


The Client hereby represents to have given or to be willing to give to Low Cost Translations™ Ltd all the details, instructions, and aids (glossaries, reference documents, explanations, etc.) that are needed for the successful performance of the translation project under this contract. Low Cost Translations™ Ltd pledges to entrust the Client’s document solely to carefully selected freelance translators and to deliver to the Client a high quality translation in content and form.


The agreed deadline between Low Cost Translations™ Ltd and Client is for translation, proofreading and review. Low Cost Translations™ Ltd admits that it is able to deliver high quality translation in a freely agreed deadline with Client. However, Low Cost Translations™ Ltd is not liable for delays resulting from a force majeure. Cases of force majeure include natural disasters, unwanted and unpredictable breakdown of our internet network or of that one of our translators and other disturbances of our communication lines and data transfer technologies, hidden defects of source files (format, layout and computer viruses, etc..). Low Cost Translations™ Ltd has an obligation to keep the client informed as soon as possible of any circumstances of force majeure that may cause delay in delivery.


After delivery of the translation, Client has 10 business days to bring to the attention of Low Cost Translations™ Ltd any issuefound in the translation. The said issue should be clearly exposed to Low Cost Translations™ Ltd and the latter must fix it without any delay. Client is not entitled to a compensation if the issues found are a) mere variations in style and terminology, b) are genuine but do not affect meaning, c) are genuine, affect meaning but are scattered (1 case in 1000 words). Client is entiltled to compensation for damage suffered when a) genuine, b) scattered or frequent, and c) meaning-impairing issues brought to the attention of Low Cost Translations™ Ltd do not seem to have been fixed after the second delivery, or when Low Cost Translations™ Ltd does fix the issues pointed out inthe agreed deadlines. Such a compensation may not exceed 50% of the invoice value of the project.

In case of cancellation of an order, Client is entitled to a refund, at its own expenses and through the payment method he used to send money toLow Cost Translations™ Ltd, of an amount that corresponds to the number of untranslated number of words as calculated 2 hours after receipt of the cancellation notice by Low Cost Translations™ Ltd. Upon receipt of the order cancellation notice, Low Cost Translations™ Ltd must send to Client the translated part of the project within 2 hours. That already translated part shall serve as the basis for calculating the amount to be refunded to Client.


Client prepares his invoice with the assistance ofLow Cost Translations™ Ltd. Accepting these General Terms and Conditions of Sales shall mean Client has read and understood them. Client admits to have double-checked the data he typed in himself and waives and holdsLow Cost Translations™ Ltd harmeless from and against any and all liabilities for errors that he may make while preparing his invoice.

Low Cost Translations™ Ltd accepts payments through PayPal, Skrill (MoneyBookers), Visa, MasterCard, bank transfer, Western Union and MoneyGram.Client admits that all payment fees are on him, except when pays by bank transfer and in keeping with the bank transfer discount scheme proposed Low Cost Translations™ Ltd or negotiated with Low Cost Translations™ Ltd. Client acknowledges its responsability to ensure that Low Cost Translations™ Ltd has received and acknowledged proof of payment of his invoice. This proof can be sent by mail to the project manager AND to invoice@lc-translations.com, and by fax only.

Client waives and holds Low Cost Translations™ Ltd harmless from and against any and all liabilities for any breach of the laws of his country and of international laws on financial transactions.


Any modification of an order by Client must entails a fresh negociation of the amounts and deadlines with Low Cost Translations™ Ltd.


Client waives and holds Low Cost Translations™ Ltd harmless from and against any and all liabilities for any infringement of any and all copyrights in the performance of its obligations under this contract.


Low Cost Translations™ Ltd pledges, within its capabilities, to respect and ensure that its freelancers respect the confidentiality of the document of the Client. Client has the obligation to tellLow Cost Translations™ Ltd how confidential his document for translation; Client may, if he can, propose toLow Cost Translations™ Ltd futher confidentiality protection measures in addition to the confidentiality agreement that all employees and freelancers of Low Cost Translations™ Ltd sign prior to any collaboration.


Client and Low Cost Translations™ Ltd agree that this Contract shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Cameroon, and that the parties shall submit to the exlusive jurisdiction of the courts of Cameroon.